Saturday, January 19, 2013

You be the judge, part 2: quilt no. 2

This is the second of three quilts for you to judge. If you missed the introductory post, read about this little experiment here.

As a judge for a juried quilt exhibition, look at the following full and detailed digital images. Then respond to each of the following nine questions. Or get a score sheet in pdf format for all three quilts here.
quilt no. 2, 16x17 - full view
quilt no. 2 - detail
Judging criteria from Elizabeth Barton's Ultimate Quilt Judging Algorithm:
  1. Did it attract your attention? Yes = 1 or No = 0
  2. Did you want to look at it for  5 minutes = 1  or  for 5 seconds = 0?
  3. Looking longer, did you see something more?  Yes = 1  or  No = 0
  4. Did it stir something in you?  Yes = 1  or  No = 0
  5. Was there anything in it that distresses/disturbs/bothers you?  Yes with artist's intention = 1  or  No = 0  or  Yes but unintentional = -1
  6. Is it fresh & new = 1  or  is it a development of something familiar = 1 or  is it old hat = 0 
  7. Is the value/color strong/balanced/interesting?  Yes = 1  or  No = 0.
  8. Do the colors work together?  Yes = 1  or  No, but they clash for a good reason = 1  or  No, colors clash for no reason = 0
  9. Does technique awe and amaze you?  Yes = 1  or  No = 0
Total and leave a comment with the score. Further breakdown or additional comments would be welcomed too. Or e-mail me your score sheet to

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  1. I've been viewing your posts for the past couple days, especially comparing the 3 quilts you offer for evaluation. In my opinion, #2 is the most unique and interesting. You achieved hot spots in both the composition and the quilting that I find very appealing and appropriate. Some compositional hot spots are achieved by your choice of color, and some of the quilting hot spots seem to be achieved with color of thread and thread density, especially at the quilt's center. I give this one very high marks!