Thursday, November 8, 2007


Three days at the Pacific International Quilt Festival at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Thursday went through all the vendors and quilts on display. Friday and Saturday were classes - both loads of fun.

A bad batch of WonderUnder slowed my progress in Laura Wasilowski's Woodcuts class. Have yet to finish that project.

Rita Hutchins - Totally Tubular Triangles - had even given us preparation homework. Despite that we were sewing cutting and pressing practically non-stop. As soon I could I finished the miles of strips at home. Otherwise this old addled brain would forget and not be able to figure out the technique even with directions and her book.

The commute was horrible. A long and grueling 40 miles between Oakland and Santa Clara during the work week. Next time I'll either take afternoon or Saturday classes. Otherwise getting to a 9am class on time means leaving the house by 7am. Leaving Santa Clara after 6pm didn't help much on the commute home and it meant a long day. That's life in the San Francisco Bay Area. But late afternoons are a great time to see all the vendors! Just about everybody else has vamoosed!