Monday, January 27, 2014

Monster mash

This hulk by the sewing machine is the hexagonal bed quilt. You're seeing the backing.

I wanted to experience how manageable - or not - this bigger-than-queen quilt would be on my Janome 6600. So far not very -  it's like wrestling with a beast!

Stitches waver along the ditch even with the walking foot. Maybe free-motion will be better (ha!). Maybe a new machine with another two inches would do the trick. What I know for sure: un-stitching is in my future.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Record time for re-entry

Last month I started a new project with the intention of putting it in the local guild's quilt show in March. It now needs only hand stitching on the back to be done. Done ahead of time and only two months from start to finish - a new record! Wow! All other projects take years!
entry for Voices in Cloth
A three-day retreat in Healdsburg earlier this month really helped. 
morning view at Healdsburg
I had it pieced and pin basted before I went. Just decided what to do and stitched. Keeping the quilting minimal helped too.

Now comes the tough part: what title to give it? Gotta decide by the January 27th deadline for the submittal entry.