Friday, March 22, 2013

It's over

I'm done with it.

Income taxes, that is. Met with my accountant today. From sifting through a lot of paperwork, I can see the top of my desk. Oh, it's just a temporary state - paperwork is not my friend.

It's not like I haven't been in the studio. I've been in the studio working on the studio. The new studio is taking shape bit by bit. It's now in that good early stage when it's functional and not too cluttered. Only because I haven't completely cleared out the old studio.

The new worktable has leg bases too big to recess into the risers.  My amateur engineered solution:
worktable leg base
The square board on top is screwed into a thicker board sitting in the recess and clamps down the leg base - a diagonal strip - to keep it from slipping off the riser. Wherever the table goes, the risers go with it.

I've mounted pegboards to hold tools.
pegboard wall
Fun figuring out how to keep the more commonly used tools within reach. The idea is to keep my worktable clearer. Easy to put tools away, but the worktable gets cluttered anyway with current projects.

The studio essentials are there: worktable, design wall, sewing machine and iron. I am working in there though it is still developing.  Just not working very productively. More about that next time.