Friday, January 18, 2013

You be the judge, part 2: quilt no. 1

This is the first of three quilts for you to judge. If you missed the introductory post, read about this little experiment here.

As a judge for a juried quilt exhibition, look at the following full and detailed digital images. Click on images for larger views. Then respond to each of the following nine questions. Or get a score sheet in pdf format for all three quilts here.
quilt no. 1 - 16x16
quilt no. 1 - detail
Judging criteria from Elizabeth Barton's Ultimate Quilt Judging Algorithm:
  1. Did it attract your attention? Yes = 1 or No = 0
  2. Did you want to look at it for  5 minutes = 1  or  for 5 seconds = 0?
  3. Looking longer, did you see something more?  Yes = 1  or  No = 0
  4. Did it stir something in you?  Yes = 1  or  No = 0
  5. Was there anything in it that distresses/disturbs/bothers you?  Yes with artist's intention = 1  or  No = 0  or  Yes but unintentional = -1
  6. Is it fresh & new = 1  or  is it a development of something familiar = 1 or  is it old hat = 0 
  7. Is the value/color strong/balanced/interesting?  Yes = 1  or  No = 0.
  8. Do the colors work together?  Yes = 1  or  No, but they clash for a good reason = 1  or  No, colors clash for no reason = 0
  9. Does technique awe and amaze you?  Yes = 1  or  No = 0
Total and leave a comment with the score. Further breakdown or additional comments would be welcomed too. Or e-mail me your score sheet after quilt no. 3. 


  1. I came out with a total of seven. It definitely attracted and held my attention. It was only looking closer that I noticed the interesting variety of pastel colors. The only points I did not give it were 4 and 5. It didn't stir or disturb me, though "stir" is a little hard to define. The light bands in the binding were a little disturbing or distracting, but not enough to rate a negative point.

    This is fun, thanks for the idea! I will be interested to see what others think.

    1. Thanks for playing along, Sharon! I'll disclose more about these quilts in another post later.

  2. Between a 7 and an 8. Quilting definitely compliments the overall composition, and I like that some areas are left un-quilted. The stripes in the binding threw me off a bit, but you like the surprise element in your work, and that may be a signature statement.