Thursday, January 17, 2013

You be the judge, part 1

What happens when judges review entries for an exhibition? Why are some works accepted but others are not? No simple answers to this recurring mystery that continues to vex all artists.

Elizabeth Barton gave this some thought and came up with a simple algorithm: nine questions in four categories for judging a quilt. Read her introductory blog post here and about her nine questions here.

These nine questions are fabulously straight forward and quick. Most are yes or no. Highest score is 9 points, lowest is -1 point. Short and sweet.

Jurying for an exhibition is often done with digital images rather than actual quilts. So with blessings from Ms. Barton, I invite YOU, dear readerto be a judge.

Here's the plan.

I'll post three quilts on three consecutive days. Each quilt will have two images: full and detail views. The nine questions will be listed at the end of each post. Or print off this score sheet for all three in pdf format. Leave the total score, though I would really love to get the score for each individual question, as a comment. Be anonymous if you want. Or e-mail me your score sheet.

For comparison, local quilters did this same exercise, except they saw the actual quilts. I'm curious if there'll be any difference in the real vs virtual.

Thanks in advance for participating. I'll share results and what I've learned from this experiment.

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