Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making lists, checking them thrice

I've been a nervous wreck packing for this workshop. So I made two lists: one for workshop supplies and another for personal stuff. But I'm still not comfortable.

It's my first time in Indianola, Washington. It's a small town. What will happen if I forget something?

I'm always antsy before a trip. Don't worry. Once I'm on the road I'll relax.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boxes and chocolates

In another week I'd be on the road with Diana to Indianola, Washington for another workshop week with the esteemable Nancy Crow. Sixth workshop and seventh week since the first in fall 2008. It'd be my first workshop with her outside of the Barn.

Nothing worthy may result but I've loved each and every workshop. It's my vacation - my retreat from the everyday – a week to focus creatively and productively. Exactly what I need despite the challenges.

My shelves are nearly empty. I've packed my fabrics - about 165 hues, 250 yards, 90 pounds ready to go.

Most of them fitted so perfectly into this big Ikea zippered bag. But it was impossibly heavy. Oh well. I've whittle them down to fit into three manageable boxes. Packing the other stuff tonight.

So my friend, Diana, doesn't accuse me of hogging all of her trunk space, I'll make a test run by packing my car tomorrow after the rain has stopped.

Thank you all for your well wishes for my sweetheart. He's much improved. No more pain only itching. He drove 4 miles to the opthalmologist without incident. He's been feasting on Girl Scout cookies and watching his favorite sitcoms. His appetite has returned. Yesterday he made a salmon dinner and we started on the one-pound box of chocolates. Wonderful to have him healthy again! and wonderful chocolates!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweetheart's weekend

The weekend with my sweetheart started on Friday. Made special foods. Fed him. Catered to his needs. But it's not what you think.

Last Monday started with pain centered around his left eye. The doctor suspected trigeminal neuralgia. By Thursday night it was twice as bad - like "trying to push the eyeball out of its socket".  Bumps appeared on his face. Three calls to the after-hours advice nurse and a night of extreme discomfort. He almost woke me at 3am for a trip to the emergency room.

Friday morning at the doctors. The revised diagnosis: shingles - his first attack. The prescription for Vicodin caused a delay at the pharmacy but any waiting was nearly unbearable for him. So I took him home, and returned for his meds.

I set up his med schedule. Administered drugs and eye drops. Ensured he had water. Cooked the few foods he could tolerate: jello and pudding. And even spoon fed him. My sweetheart expressed his appreciation for this nurse-maid many times.

Today he's better though half his face looks like hell – lesions, swollen eyelid, enlarged lymph node on the neck. I am back at work knowing he has healed enough to administer his own meds.

That box of chocolates will wait until his appetite returns.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Summer in February

It's magic when it snows. Landscape blanketed by white. Sounds muffled. A great time to nestle in. To cocoon. 

I am jealous. Just a bit. After living in Alaska, I know the dark days drag on too long, the fight to stay warm and active become onerous. Strong urges to escape confinement. Stir crazy! Cabin fever! Take heart my friends! Spring is around the corner.

The San Francisco Bay Area had a gorgeous weekend. Sunday high of 79° in Oakland! I'm not rubbing it in. But with weather like this, part two of my kitchen cleaning regimen didn't happen. If I'd only been cocooning. Instead, I was in the garden weeding and pruning. I gave the feather reed grass its annual crewcut.
Good thing I'd finished pruning the apricot tree last weekend because it's in full bloom today. Okay busy bees, do your thing! Fresh apricots - yummm! If the raccoons don't get them all first.

Sunday, I met with Dana, Marjorie and Sandy. Our first get together as a critique group since last October when we were all in Nancy Crow's Strip Piecing & Restructuring workshop.

I am so fortunate to have a great group. We'll meet again in June. I got great feedback on two pieces.

On the right is the non-silk purse from a sow's ears started here
Also a top from a workshop exercise. Before and after. Do the small changes make any difference?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seven year old mantra

I recently unearthed something from August 2003. Something personal. I am sharing it with you.

An Artist's Affirmations, a poem & prayer

I will listen to my creative voice, act on my creative energy, nurture my artist.
I will let my creativity flourish.
I have not always
But I always will.

I will let my creativity lead me to forgiveness, to truth, to love,
To fulfilling my dreams and yearnings.
I have not always
But I always will.

I am strong enough, passionate enough, confident enough,
To step forward and step out.
I am learning how
So I will always be.

I am willing to take steps of passion, make a commitment
To create my own footprints.
I am willing now and
I will always be.

I will move toward my destiny one step at a time.
I am making progress now.
I am finding the way
I am compelled to go.

With my talents I will build a rich rewarding life.
I am creative. I am an artist.
I have always been.
I will always be.

I wrote the above to counterbalance the many issues and doubts that surfaced while working through Julia Cameron's An Artist's Way. The mantra still holds true today.