Friday, September 16, 2011

Dreamy two

I’m setting up at the Barn. Other workshop participants doing the same. Or they’re meeting new friends and reuniting with old. Atmosphere is electric with energy.

With a sinking heart I realized I’ve no boxes of fabrics. Uh oh. I can visualize them in the studio all ready to go.

It’s bad. Nancy tells me I can’t be in the workshop without materials. No point in being there if I can’t do the work. But . . . but . . . She says I have to leave. Waah! At least she takes a little pity and gets flight info for me. I don’t want to go. Waah!

Don’t worry. Just another variation of going to the first day of school in pajamas. I've had this type of dream before. A sequel to yesterday's Dreamy one from 2009. Okay. Worry.

After these heart pounding nightmares dreams, I prepare. Fabrics packed, labels printed, boxes ready to drop off. But I forgot - out of sight out of mind. Drove off without them this morning. Thank goodness for a sweetheart. He'll bring them to me in exchange for lunch. A small price to pay.


  1. I think you need me there to give you support!

  2. I sure do! Would you show up in a furry outfit befitting a rock star?

  3. When I read the first part of this I was horrified. Then I kept reading and was so relieved to see that it was only a dream.

  4. oh my, ellen! i don't know if you remember that i had a similar dream to yours prior to my very first workshop there.............i feel your pain!

  5. My fellow Quilt Therapists all nodded in recognition of the dream about going somewhere important in pajamas or without shoes. I wouldn't be surprised if dreams about showing up for a big workshop without supplies is common among quilt workshop attendees.