Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dreamy one

It’s the first day of another workshop at the Barn.

But it's a different setup, smaller room, smaller tables. Only one empty spot with large window but very short design wall below it.

I suddenly realized why it seemed I was travelling so light. I didn't ship nor pack supplies! Attempted to get my sweetheart at home to gather them & send pronto. What’s on the supply list? Where will he find them? When will it get here?

Didn’t see my roommate. But there is a three-tiered bleacher with people including some former classmates. Roommate arrives in furry outfit befitting a rock star but she doesn’t recognize me.

As the day ends, I realize I didn’t cancel the other hotel reservations. Whoops! Extra costs for one night’s lodging.

At least I wasn’t in my pajamas. Nor barefoot or in slippers. Not this time.


  1. I am certain your dreams will NOT come true this time!

  2. Whoo! Whatcha drinkin' girl? Love the roommate in a furry rockstar outfit!
    Hey, congratulations on your fabulous quilt being juried into a great show!