Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Compounded & confounded

Curves Sampler
The Bride & the Batchelors - Wild Bride
Two weeks at the Crow Timber Barn - 5:30am to 11pm days - compounded by a three-hour shift from Pacific to Eastern time has turned life topsy turvy and my usually disordered household into a disaster zone. Small price for priceless workshops.

First week - Lines Curves Circles and Figure Ground, Part 1 - was the least stressful workshops I've ever taken from Nancy Crow. I didn't finish all the exercises, but gained much confidence piecing curves. A terrific time making these too. 

breakdown screen print

resist on silk

Second week - Layers upon Layers with Carol Soderlund - was a enticing exploration of surface design techniques which also cemented dyeing knowledge gained in True Colors last fall. The starch resist and breakdown screen printing are my favs.  
resist on undercloth & direct resist on pimatex
The bags under my eyes are receding. My pants are not worn backwards. I'm back at work and recovering from these exciting times. If I find those papers I'd stashed somewhere safe, life would return to normal.  


  1. Oooooh. Hope you bring these pieces to next Quilt Therapy meeting. They look very enticing.

  2. I love your curved compositions, and all the color is just fabulous! Very exciting! Glad you had an enjoyable class.
    -Connie in AL

  3. It was fun seeing you at the Barn! And your curve quilts are fabulous!

  4. These are just beautiful. Miss you and your happy smile just working away!