Monday, April 13, 2009

A splendiferous workshop

I am back from a two-week workshop - Improvisations – Let's Experiment! at the Barn with Nancy Crow. What an invigorating experience!

There were 16 of us - including three women – Chiyo, Yoshi and Ayako – from Japan, a mother and daughter – Myna and Margo – from the Netherlands, and one woman – Debbie – from Washington state who's temporarily living in Shanghai. Rest of us from the states. Despite of or maybe because of all the various personalities, the class really gelled together.

During the second week we indulged in two activities to provide momentary respite from the intensity and demands of the workshop. When anyone spoke the word of the day – i.e. amazing, fabulous, lyrical, and splendiferous – we'd whoop it up with ya-hoos which effectively vented emotions and energy and rejuvenated us.

The other activity was more physical: stand with feet apart, arms outstretched, hand flexed and make like Elvis – swivel hips around first in one direction then the other. The sight alone offered moments of mirth! We even got Nancy swiveling with us! Sorry! No photos were permitted! It was a great way to loosen up those tight waist, hip and back muscles and stretch the tendons to the hand.

The workshop itself was so fabulous! My straight cuts and strip piecing from last fall now look so yesterday. I'm just itching to explore more of what I learned.

But I am really tired now. Partly because I don't sleep well especially in a strange bed. Partly because of the three hour time difference. Partly because I get so wound up I can't sleep. I functioned mostly on adrenalin the first week.

Long hours at the studio: arrived before 8am and left about 10pm. Or so. But never stayed so late that I was shoo'd out. These hours were necessary for this slow poke to get the work done and contributed little my exhaustion. Myna and Margo set their hours from 8am to 8pm and got lots done. They worked a lot faster.

I'll post more about this workshop later. I don't intend to scare anyone off because I really believe Nancy Crow provides the best art education for any art quilter. She's taught me principles and techniques and developed my visual acuity. All these will serve me well no matter what direction my art quilts will go - even if I never piece again.

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  1. What a great description of the amazing time we had! It's just incredible how far we've come in these 2 weeks! Hope you continue to use the things we've learned.
    -Connie in Alabama