Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dilemma & choices, part 2

Saturday Karen and I went to the fabulous Kimono as Art exhibition in Canton (see previous post). In outer Canton we found a Thai restaurant for an early dinner. Good thing she likes to drive because by the time we got back to Pickerington, she has driven for seven hours. We were ready for dessert so we stopped at Panera (at Taylor Square) near the hotel and my roommate, Annette, joined us.

It was close to closing time. But the staff said no problem. They'd be there cleaning up anyway. We can sit and visit with each other as long as we like. Very true. They didn't disturb us, we didn't notice them, nor they did shoo us out. How refreshing to be treated that way in a restaurant.

I am generally leery of chains, but I recommend this place. Annette and I frequented this locale just about every morning for breakfast instead of partaking of the free hotel breakfast buffet. The staff is friendly and on the ball and the menu is broad. The food - I've had breakfast sandwich, egg soufflé, bagel, and bear claw - is good. We were back again at Panera for brunch the next morning - great salad and sandwich combo.

When Nancy announced the studio weekend hours, I was torn between r&r with Karen and working at the studio. When a good friend drives three hours one way to visit with me for the weekend, I'd be a cad not to spend time with her.

Initially we planned on Friday night too. But that's a busy night for her massage business and that would mean lost customers and income. An idea was hatched.

After a week of hunching over a cutting table and a sewing machine, my classmates and I could all use a massage. Nancy has been unsuccessful in getting a masseuse from town to come to the studio. After getting the go ahead from both Nancy and Karen, I got a list of those interested.

Sunday was such a beautiful morning. Karen and I first took time for Tai Chi on the east deck at the Barn. She and I separately studied Tai Chi, Wu style. She has been a practitioner for many years whereas I have discovered it only in the last couple of years. It's been a great aid at this workshop. Doing it helps me relax and focus. And breathe deeply.

Then we got down to business. While I was upstairs working on my exercises, Karen was downstairs giving massages. I was happy to get more work done. Karen was happy to provide her services. And classmates and I were happy and much relaxed after a terrific massage. Win-win all round.

If you're in the Detroit area, look up my friend for a great massage. Otherwise, check my schedule. She might be back when I'm at the Barn again.

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  1. I bought my ticket to the kimono show and I am going with a friend next Wednesday evening. Thanks for the push!