Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dilemma & choices, part 1

Last fall after the one week Strip Piecing I & II workshop, I spent a few days in Michigan. It was a wonderful reunion with my friend Karen whom I hadn't seen since her return there 11 years ago.

This year with a two-week workshop, much as I would like to, I could not afford to do that again. So Karen decided to come see me for the weekend in between. She insisted. You must realize it is a three hour drive one way for her. What a great friend! It didn't hurt that her cousin is still squatting at her home and she needed a break from him.

Little did I know two things. First: even though the workshop is Mondays through Fridays, Nancy would open the studio during the weekend for us to work. Second: Nancy would read me the riot act: every exercise I started must be completed at the end of the two weeks. (That didn't happen but I came close.)

Lest you get the impression that Nancy is an ogre, listen to this. When Nancy realized I'd planned the weekend with my friend, she advised me to do just that instead of coming into the studio. Thank you, Nancy! My dilemma was how to make everyone, including myself, happy and do it all – workshop exercises and time with my friend.

Friday evening is a busy time for Karen's massage practice, so she wasn't driving down from Michigan until Saturday morning. I could definitely use the studio time, but it wasn't opening until 10am.

I sweetly asked Nancy if she could open the studio earlier, say 7am so I would be able to work until Karen arrived. Thanks to Joan, Jennie and Annette who all said they would start early too, she relented. With plans already made for Saturday, she and her sweet husband, John Stitzlein, juggled and got the studio open at 7am. We were there waiting. Thanks again, Nancy!

I worked for about 5 hours until Karen's arrival.

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