Monday, April 20, 2009

Final big composition

Here's my final exercise as shown at the final presentation:
Out of time, I hurriedly composed & basted it. Nancy preferred this composition over the first draft (see previous post).

I didn't press the seams. They sure do stand out. More work to do. I'll rearrange the blocks to minimize the horizontal seams. The column of rectangular blocks on the left blend in more than the column on the right. I'm not sure which I like more - maybe the more definite one. I may reintroduce the first set of blocks - might work as a thin column or as a base.

As it stands, this is approximately 48x48 - no where near the six to eight foot size Nancy wanted for the final composition.

I think she wants us to think BIG. Aim for that size then edit. It's usually downward. The other option – make more blocks to maintain or increase size – is usually not viable during the workshop. We run short on time and materials.

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