Friday, February 20, 2009

Supplies and more for Strip Piecing I & II

Though the supply list is complete, here are some little tidbits.

Some workshop participants brought printers for their photographs. Most just relied on their digital cameras' view screen. I don't remember anyone with a Polaroid.

All irons and ironing boards, no matter their source, are shared.

All the machines for rent are mechanical Berninas. The bobbins are easy to find. Fill multiple ones with a neutral thread – a mid-tone neutral works well. There's time on Sunday before dinner or Monday morning to handle this. Nancy prefers cotton and she does not change thread to match the fabric.

Rulers is on the supply list, but you'll need 24" one unless you're an experienced freehand cutter. For this workshop Nancy does allow you to rotary cut with a ruler.

A 4'x8' cut of flannel is adequate for the design wall. But you might want it larger.

Don’t forget to bring lots of thread, spare rotary blades, spare sewing machine needles, and packing tape.

Bring gallon size Ziplock bags for strips and ribbons when you pack up.

Nancy has a little store in the Barn. It's not always open, but if there's enough call for it, she will man it. If you forget anything, you can probably buy it there. It even carries bolts of fabrics – prints too.

If you can, get there for Sunday setup. See my previous post here about this. Do make it to the Sunday dinner too. You get to meet all the other participants – including those for the concurrent workshop downstairs - and the staff. Everyone gets to make a 30-second intro. Don't stress out over this. Basically name and where you live.

Don't stress out over the presentation of your work either. Not everyone does it. Just keep it short and sweet. It's great to see what other classmates have done and get a break from the frenetic workshop pace.

A few weeks before the workshop, Nancy will send out a list of participants and mark those looking for roommates. You can ask for contact info for roommates earlier too. A few neighbors will take boarders - she'll list them too. Last fall it was $50 for a bedroom and breakfast.

You almost have your own chef. No breakfasts but coffee and hot water is available at 8:30 am. Margaret Wolf cooks up fabulous lunches, afternoon snacks and dinner and handles the cleanup duties too. She's great about accommodating dietary restrictions or preferences. If you have a sweet tooth, she bakes awesome goodies. The dining room is open anytime you need a break. There's a never-ending bowl of chocolates if you need a fix. And Margaret is so sweet – she'll lend you an ear.

What more could you want?! Go! Just soak it all in. It'll be a great experience.

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