Thursday, February 19, 2009

On the wall

Look what's on the walls and ceilings of my family room/studio. Knotty pine paneling. Hanging flannel over this just won't work. This is my former design wall which now hangs over a loveseat. It's 60x48: two 30x48 stretched canvases screwed together, covered with white felt, and hung with picture wire. It just wasn't big enough. Here's the new design wall naked before I dressed it.
The East Bay Depot for Creative ReUse in Oakland is a treasure trove of materials for artists and crafters. Stock there changes quickly and everything is priced to move. Better waste management through re-use. I just love shopping there and have scored some great finds!

There I found six 40x30x1/2" foam core boards formerly used as signage at some medical convention. They were covered with heavy vinyl coated paper on one side and black construction paper on the other. Stacked them against my patio doors for a while and the two sheets warped - dang! To flatten, I peeled off the papers on both sides to expose the black foam core. You can't see these two sheets in the photo, they're on the bottom.

Halfway through joining them together, it hit me that I haven't figured out the logistics of handling and hanging the whole wall. It had to be a one-woman job.

Used my driveway to lay it out. But the whole thing couldn't fit through any door. Let alone stretch my arms wide enough to carry it. It got complicated. Won't go into details here.

Much later, after trips to the hardware store and many climbs up and down a step ladder, I have my wall. And can now pat myself on the back because I put it together all by myself! Yeah!

Here's my design wall looked like yesterday with my main project – the ribbon quilt from Nancy Crow fall workshop. The colorful ones on the left including four new ribbons made since I got this new wall up three weeks ago. Yeah! The ribbon I'm working on now in the middle. The strip pieces I will make into ribbons to the right - including that bossy green one. And all the neutral ribbons on the far right.

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