Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Being there

How timely.

A friend had good questions about going to a Nancy Crow workshop. I was thinking about the hints and suggestions I gave her - things Nancy does not spell out in her information packet or supply list. Shall I put them on here on my blog?

Then I got my twice weekly letter from Robert Genn. He wrote about Irwin Greenberg and listed 100 thoughts for artists to live by. Among them: Be a brother (or sister) to all struggling artists. Don’t hoard your knowledge, share it.

With that (green) light, based on my experience at the Strip Piecing I & II workshop last fall, here are my thoughts about getting and being there.

The closest airport (CMH) is Columbus, OH. The big chain lodging options closest to the Barn are in Reynoldsburg and Pickerington. An easy drive from the airport.

If you have time to explore Columbus, check out the Short North - a great neighborhood - and the Northstar Café. Last fall I spent one night at the Short North B&B (wonderful hostess and great breakfast), walked to Goodale Park and explored the area.

Nancy names a lodging of choice which offers the lowest price for workshop participants because she entered a contract with them. It was the Country Inn and Suites in Reynoldsburg. They set aside a limited number of rooms for the Barn rate. Breakfast included. Some complained about it being noisy and less than clean. I can't say because I haven't stayed there.

The Holiday Inn Express is in Pickerington. Room was clean, comfortable and quiet. Breakfast included with room, but nothing to write home about. They offer a pay-in-full rate available up to two weeks in advance. This rate competes with Country Inn rate, but is non-refundable. It applies to a limited number of rooms so they could have booked all of the rooms with the configuration you want.

Both of these lodging options are surrounded by big-box stores including an alternative for breakfast: Cracker Barrel.

For a non big-box experience and a little longer drive to Lancaster, Shaw's Inn includes many full breakfast choices in the dining room which opens at 7am. Early starters can request a box breakfast to go. However, my roommate and I decided we needed to be at the workshop as early as possible and found the box breakfast unsatisfactory. We didn't feel justified in spending more to stay there when we couldn't partake in their wonderful breakfasts. Management was very understanding. So after 3 nights there, we moved to the Holiday Inn.

From anywhere it's an easy drive to the Barn. I need a map. Mostly two lane roads fairly well marked. Commute with other workshop participants if schedule meshes. Yes, you do need a car or a roommate with a car. In comparison to California, driving in Ohio is easy-peasy.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the workshop, fabric and supplies.


  1. I might also add there are two B&B's in Baltimore, about 6 miles from the Barn. I liked staying closer to the barn, but I didn't choose well. If you do plan to stay at a B&B in Lancaster, ask around before you book!

    Thanks for doing this... I know, a lot of people ask!

  2. Thanks for the info Ellen. I'm going to answer your email soon. Busy getting ready for show. It's so nice that you're posting again and now how about pics of the ribbons quilt??

    Best, Diana

  3. Most people would like a little "heads up" on how to prepare for one of her classes. The workshop list is overwhelming when you first read it. Thanks for all of the posts.