Friday, July 13, 2012

Taking a break

Even though the weather is cool and cloudy - perfect for working in the garden - I'm taking a break from this planting madness.

Feather reed grass now line the patio and tufted hair grass keeps company with manzanita in the front yard.
feather reed grass along one side of the patio
tufted hair grass next to manzanita
Still more to plant and other madness. Next: the pineapple sage. Planted only two months ago, I must move it to complete the feather reed grass along the other side of the patio. 
pineapple sage next to stake
This root-bound maple tree might survive long enough to get in the ground. Maybe here by the front porch.
variegated Japanese maple in pot with sedge
And what to do with this camellia? I was slowly shaping it up until someone thought he'd do me a favor and hacked pruned it while I was away. It's now a dense mass because I haven't touched it since. 
10-foot camellia
I'm off to the gym. Downward dog was tough on Monday. Elliptical trainer was tough on Wednesday. Today I will be adjusting weights downward. The old body needs a break and more recovery time.

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