Sunday, July 15, 2012

Basted 4x

I got this pin basted successfully on the fourth try. 
successfully pin basted
The first time was a batting issue (see this post).

The second time was an un-squareness issue which had escaped notice. Couldn't let that be! The remedial reconstruction got involved and took so long, it began to feel like mending. I hate mending. 
under reconstruction
Keeping feelings in check, I trudged on. Eventually it was straight, square and flat. 

I pin basted it for the third time and basked in the glory of success. Only for a moment. Something was awry - I'd left off a strip! Would anyone know? It threw the composition off and that would've bugged me no end. The good news was the strip was at the very bottom. The bad news was I had to un-pin the whole thing because the batting would've been short. Could've been worse.
strip added  and re-pin basted
If I'd kept a neater work space (impossible!), I might've noticed the errant strip sooner. Oh well. I'm just happy it's ready for quilting.


  1. I’ve just finished reading the whole saga of the Ribbon Quilt, going back to 2009. I just started a new ribbon quilt this week - my first. It’s been very interesting to read the story of someone else who is on a similar path for this journey, and someone who started from architecture, too. (and who scribbles quilt sketches during free moments at work!) Unpiecing, repiecing, not enough fabric, visual decisions not made visually, if only the workspace was neater... It all sounds SO familiar!

    I am very impressed by your dedication to the FMQ Project, too. I need to do the same. But I’m going to start (start again) on some old UFO’s I no longer love.

    Hope to see that thing finished soon!

    1. Characteristics that draw us into architecture, reinforced with education, training and experience - such as attention to detail and exhaustively searching for best solutions - often get in the way of creativity and progress. I think I've gotten better at not overthinking. So hang in there and have fun with your ribbon quilt and fmq. Practice and you will get faster and better.