Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bad at the nursery, mad in the garden

Are you as bad in the nursery as you are in the fabric shop? I am.
a week's purchases
I've 22 plants: 6 feather reed grasses, 4 blue oat grasses, 4 tufted hair grasses, 5 Japanese forest grasses, 1  Japanese blood grass (can you tell I'm partial to ornamental grasses?), 1 euphorbia, and 1 Australian astroturf (can it grow into an alien pod like these babes?).

Could've / would've been more if the nurseries had them. There is room in the garden for them all. Unlike fabric, at least I have a good idea where each one will go. 90% of them anyway. Yours truly will be working madly in the garden. 
first one planted yesterday evening: blue oat grass
three more this morning
ready for next five - feather reed grasses here


  1. very impressive. If you need more gardening retail therapy I could use some grasses in my yard.... free room and board go with the deal!

    1. Ready to have me for an extended stay? You'll have to meet conditions, of course.
      I've planted 11 in the past three mornings. Taking a day off tomorrow.