Saturday, March 31, 2012

Falling in love

valentino demetra leather lace bag Valentino Demetra Leather Lace Bag
I fell in love at Neiman Marcus.

With this purse.

Neiman Marcus opened a store in San Francisco a number of years ago. But I've never crossed their threshold.

Then earlier this month, they opened in the shopping mecca of Walnut Creek. I was in town for sewing machine accessories, so why not indulge in window shopping heaven.

The lace front is so not me. The color wasn't this understated taupe, but RED. So not me. I didn't notice the name - Valentino - until I was infatuated. Designer names are so not me. 

Why do I love this purse? I love how it is so feminine yet tailored, well crafted without extraneous hardware, the perfect size and well-thought out compartments.

A good purse is so hard to find.

Nevertheless, I can't even imagine paying as much for a purse as the sales tax would be on this one. So I'm sticking with my plain old black leather bag.

Now that is so me.

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