Friday, March 9, 2012

Ready or not

I used up a lot of fabric at the Potpourri workshop. So when I stopped at Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon,  I replenished. Of course!

These eleven new fabrics are now studio-ready. But the studio is not. What if I have two sets of everything: one set in the studio and another to go. Save on disruptions. But it'd be twice as much to maintain. Oh well  - just a thought.

Nevertheless, another great workshop week. Even though Nancy was juggling two workshops (Improvisations and Potpourri) and independent study students too, I've never seen her so relaxed and happy! That doesn't mean she eased up on exercises! Four for the week. Here's what I made:

Exercise 1: b+w configuration

Exercise 2: double configurations based on b+w, with limited palette
I have this one (above) up on the design wall. Might want to adjust and refine before sandwiching. Then I will have another project to quilt. 

Exercise 3: unfinished
I didn't do exercise 4. Instead I continued with exercise 3. Still has a long way to go.

Though the exercises were challenging, the week cemented what I've learned so far. I feel more confident about my goals: to finish tops from other workshops; to independently redo exercises; and to continue my own explorations. Plus I plan on completing more quilts and do some dyeing too. All in one year? Hmmm, how much can I accomplish in the nine months left? 


  1. Love Fabric Depot. Maybe it's time for a road trip! And I love the pieces you did at NC this time. Exercise 3 is so spring-like. Colors are different than your usual, aren't they?

  2. I had been missing your posts. Nice to hear that you enjoyed the time with Nancy.
    The work is gorgeous. I like the colours

    Ana (who has not yet up dated her blog)

  3. Very cool work. Did Nancy assign pastels or are you totally branching out from your usual pallette? Either way, very interesting.

  4. Love what you've done in this class. Annette and I did the postive/negative side-by-side exercise this past fall. Mine was pretty bad, with a doodad (repeated, of course) that distracted from the whole design. I'm thinking of redoing that exercise this spring at home. Love your last piece, with the pastels and the intense colors in small. Glad to hear that things are coming together for you.

  5. Nice job! I must have missed this post. It looks like wide and varied assignments and you did a great job.
    Always good to be energized.