Sunday, April 1, 2012

Unexpected art

Lakewater 10 by Robin Kandel
Not only did I not expect to fall in love at Neiman Marcus, I didn't expect to find a treasure trove of art either.

Art is throughout the store. Not framed posters. Real art. Fabulous abstract art all by local artists. All thoughtfully placed and given viewing space.

Not only that, there's functional art too. The furnishings, store fixtures and lights are works of art in themselves. 

Neiman Marcus has a corporate curator to select and place art in each store. How wonderful is that? And how wonderful to be in a place where a private art collection is accessible to the general public?

Admittedly  the general public doesn't shop at Neiman Marcus. Neither do I. Yet the staff could not be more gracious and welcoming.

For more, here are some links to check out: herehere and here.

There's also this great video about the fantastic kinetic piece "Wind Fins" by Ned Kahn on the exterior. Seeing this undulate in the wind is even better from inside. Wish I had my camera.

Kudos to Neiman Marcus for a beautiful store! I foresee trips into Neiman Marcus in my future.

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