Friday, January 22, 2010

First motifs

I've been sketching motifs for my Sets and Variable workshops with Nancy Crow in May. I was itching to make some sketches a reality. My first is a simple one based on a traditional patchwork block.
Some variations on the design wall.

Variations could go on forever. Enough with rearranging. I impatiently sewed together my first set of twelve.
Then modified the motif and sewed set number two and three.

What looked good on a sketch didn't necessarily look as good sewn together. I find set two isn't as interesting due to the regular opposition of black and white. In set three the ones with non-matching seams at the point of the v which created an interesting jagged edge. There aren't enough of them.

To keep pace with the intensity of the workshop, my goal is to create a one-seam motif that can still hold interest. By considering how to cut and piece my motif to create reversals and non-matching points, I may be able to achieve that.

More studies to come.


  1. Elena, you're going to be way ahead of the class with all those motifs already pieced!
    I'll post about the Set and Variables I class as I can - looking forward to seeing how it goes.

  2. Elena,
    One thing Nancy said that helped me decide which motif to use - "it should be beautiful at 3" or 2". I was sure she was going to assign us a composition with a 2' motif!