Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ohio & Michigan

After the week at the Crow Timber Barn, I met up with my friend Karen, whom I hadn't seen since her move back to Michigan 11 years ago. We meandered through Ohio on the way to her home near Detroit.

Highlights of my four days:
1. beautiful hilly (and green) eastern Ohio – Amish country: stopped at Amish stores and ate at Amish restaurants;
2. introductions to sweet potato fries – yum!
3. met Marilyn and Sonia, whom I'd only known online when we did the Artist's Way together a few years ago;
4. a trip to the Detroit Institute of Art - great art collection;
5. helped Marilyn eat her birthday cake - a decadent chocolate cheesecake made by Marlon - yum, yum!

6. made won ton noodle soup from scratch with Marlon - yum again!
7. learned about true obsessive-compulsiveness in Karen's graduate psychology class - gee I'm not really obsessive-compulsive;
8. practiced Tai Chi together and compared moves - we both study Wu style, but she for 10 years as opposed to my one, and with different instructors;
9. visited Pewabic Pottery - a working museum of pottery, tiles and glazes;
10. toured inside a townhouse and spoke with one of the original residents in the magnificient Mies' Lafayette Park in downtown Detroit.

Yes I ate well and gained back the few pounds lost during the workshop.

I had such a terrific time spending time and reconnecting with Karen and was really sorry to leave my good friend.

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