Thursday, September 10, 2015

Working back to normal

Blogging had to take a back seat in the past two years. That period has been all about deadlines. Not only was I immersed in work for Color Improvisations 2, I also filled a position as Program Chair for my local guild, EBHQ. So I had to stay on top of everything.

In those two years I've selected artists for a presentation and two days of workshops to fill 19 months of programming for the guild.

The illustrious guests for 2014 included Pat PaulyVelda NewmanSandra BruceSuzi ParronStacey SharmanJane DunnewoldJenny Lyon and Els van Baarle.

The lineup continued in 2015: Judy Coates Perez, Terrie Hancock Mangat, Sue Rasmussen, Youngmin Lee, Jean Cacicedo, Jo Fitsell, Ana Lisa Hedstrom, Cynthia Corbin and Jiyoung Chung.

Still yet to come in 2016: Leslie Tucker Jenison, Sherri Lynn Wood, Rosalie Dace and Jacquie Gering. Check the guild's website to see who's coming soon.

And the members enthusiastically responded; enrollment averaged 18 to 19 students (out of 20!) per workshop. So if you are considering any of these wonderful people and want to know more, just ask.

My tenure ended on June 1st. After some residual business, I am a free-er and more relaxed woman who intends to post less erratically as well as keep on working in the studio!
in the studio

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