Wednesday, September 30, 2015

No more walking

After spending 120 hours quilting one large project, I kept the momentum going. When I ran out of bobbin thread on the bed quilt, I switched to another ufo.
quilting another ufo
Then this thread started running low. I diverted my attention to problem areas. Plenty of bad stitches to redo which slowed my progress while I await more thread.  Here's an area that developed tucks and creases:
unstitched quilting to smooth it out
Quilting lines run on the bias in this area. More basting. Will it behave now?
basted grid
Predicting problems elsewhere, I added more basting there too.  That's when the walking foot fell apart. Spring unsprung!
. . . couldn't put it back together again 
The dealer/repairman had reassembled one for someone else before, but it was fussy and fiddly work. This time they're ordering a new foot. No charge but no walking foot for at least a week. Fortunately threads arrived. Back to fmq on the bed quilt. Saved from housework.

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