Sunday, September 9, 2012

Challenge of twins

I've been spending time with the twins.  In a recent post I described the birth of non-identical twins in response to a group challenge. Now they've been pieced:
non-identical twins pieced
And I'm in the middle of quilting it. Of course I am fmq'ing as part of my quest.

I started by quilting along lines of the bolder prints: 
follow the print lines 1
follow the print lines 2
Then mimicked other prints:
pebbles on dots
double e's on ribbons
Those were the obvious ones. Remaining prints are more subtle and I stretched to come up with a quilting motifs:
roses on floral print
Then quilted their polar twins in a similar fashion:
extended print lines
Or close cousins:
wiggly grid lines
Or distant cousins:
flowers on a string
With three more sets of twins to quilt, I have a week and a half to finish before my mini-group meeting.

Because these filler designs are so varied, I have doubts about this approach. The quilting will not make it more cohesive. What the hey! - it's a worthwhile experiment and experience. It will be perfectly okay when it's done. 

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