Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Three is a lovely number

Quilt Therapy, my minigroup, issued a challenge to create a small quilt by 9/19/2012 for an upcoming community show. That's what I'm working on. 

Challenge parameters:
  • size: 18x18
  • colors: 50% to match three paint chips, and
  • theme: three. 
Paint chips, mostly randomly selected:
red-oranges, yellow-oranges, & darkest neutral purples
Fabrics to match. In keeping with the theme, I'm using a 3x3 format - aka 9-patch. 
 paired squares
The number "3" makes a great shape. I selected a font, printed it large, enlarged it further on the copier, then cropped and traced for interesting mix of related shapes and positive/negative spaces:
Then I randomly paired patterns with fabric and outlined shapes with free motion stitches. Trimmed extra layers away - a raw edge reverse applique technique.

Then the fun part - arranging the squares in a 3 x3 format. This is similar to an exercise in the June shapes workshop with Terry Jarrard-Dimond posted here and here. From the trimmed layers, I made a polar twin 3x3 and arranged it in the same order:
arrangements v1, polar twin on left
Then rearranged in a dissimilar order:
 arrangement v2, related but not twins
Rearranged again in dissimilar order with some parts traded:
arrangement v3, traded parts
I really enjoy this design-play part of the process and could go on forever. Play more? or go with one of these? I've gotta put it together soon and get quilting. That deadline is looming!


  1. Sandra Palmer Ciolino8/30/12, 9:37 PM

    Love the concept and the color palette. I look forward to seeing how you approach the quilting.

    1. Thank you, Sandy!
      Both ready for FMQ but, duh!, what? I'll start with the bolder prints then decide where it might go from there.