Sunday, August 12, 2012

FMQ habit

I've fmq'd every single day since 7/7/2012! It has become an(other) obsession.

I've continued with Leah Day's beginner-intermediate filler designs, designs I learned about in last month's machine quilting class with Jill Schumacher and played with my own variations as well.
beginner-intermediate filler samples & more
Here's what the mini trapunto whole cloth  looks like now:
mini trapunto whole cloth in progress
Not much progress but many trial samples. On the left are the designs I'll use: from top to bottom, Jill's Waffles in the middle, Martha's Marshmallows in the hearts and Seven Treasures of Buddha around the outside.

And here's the Ohio Star:
Ohio Star in progress
Though Jill had advised me to quilt a simple border pattern because any fancy quilting won't show up, I saw it as an ideal opportunity to practice spirals and hide any wobbles. Those samples to the left are more spirals which I'll quilt in the solid blue and white areas around the star. The design is Leah Day's Swirling Water. It took multiple attempts to get this intermediate level (woot!) design right.

Since these two projects are stalled waiting for thread, I am working on this one:
pink mini whole cloth in progress
I'd barely started this one in a long-ago workshop with Sue Nickels and had shown it here, before I'd removed all the straight stitches. Not too much thinking needed since I'll quilt it similarly to this practice one:
practice for the pink one
All this practice has certainly helped my stitch quality but I'm still clueless about quilting my own improvisational work.

In mid-October I am going to the Crow Barn in Ohio for a machine quilting workshop and further fmq education from Sandy Ciolino. Check out Sandy's website and read what good things Kathy Loomis and Annette Guerrero say about her.

If you want to quilt your own non-traditional projects and improve your fmq, then you really must join me there. A great environment. We'll laugh, eat well, and learn lots too!


  1. Sandy Ciolino8/13/12, 6:10 AM

    Wow! FMQ everyday since 7/7/12. That's commitment! And it is clear from your photos that your skills are really improving. Thanks for the endorsement of my workshop at the Crow Timber Frame Barn. Not only will we be discussing and demonstrating effective ways to quilt a variety of pieced and whole cloth quilt tops, we will also be tapping into the collective creativity and resources of class participants. Mining for gold -- and that makes for a very meaningful and dynamic learning environment. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    1. I look forward to being there!

  2. Good job, the samples are looking really nice! Enjoy the class at the Barn - it sounds wonderful. Wish I could go, but I'm not even an advanced beginner yet. Hope you will post about it afterward - I can dream about next year.

    1. What a difference a month of daily fmq makes! But then I haven't started any new work, pieced anything, or finished any quilt tops lately. You will be more than a beginner if you make it your daily obsession too. You have two whole months!