Friday, May 11, 2012

Spell relief

I had anticipated a month of jury duty. Weeks of public transit to the courthouse in downtown Oakland. Sit in the jury box and pay attention. Four days a week. I'm feeling antsy already.

Last Monday the judge provided some basic information: attempted murder, criminal case, but no capital punishment. Hmm, could be interesting.

The experienced one estimated a month for the trial. A soft collective intake of breath from prospective jurors.

Each of us filled out a lengthy questionnaire for the attorneys’ review. Then we were free until the following Monday. Unless we got a call otherwise.

Meanwhile I was advised by friends and acquaintances about how to avoid jury duty. Yet I resigned myself to be selected and serve.

The $15 per day would cover bus fare and lunch. I’d miss my free time – but hey! I’m retired! In exchange I get real experience – not a fictionalized dramatized televised version. I won't get rich, but enriched. My only time as a juror was for a prostitution charge. That was an education. 

I would have regretted missing one day out of each upcoming two-day workshops: Discover Your Shape Vocabulary with Terry Jarrard-Dimond and Deconstructed Screen Printing with Kerr Grabowski.  I really looked forward to these. Oh well. Half a workshop is better than nothing.
Terry Jarrard-Dimond

Kerr Grabowski
Nevertheless, I was much relieved when I got the call: excused from jury duty! I don't question why, just happy I can count on business as usual.

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