Monday, January 23, 2012

Crazy Eight 2

Are you missing the old Monthly Solids Club as much as I am? 

Pink Chalk Fabrics now has a Charming Solids Club - a combo of charm packs of prints with coordinating fat eighths of solids. This variation doesn't work for me.

For my December withdrawal I selected my own eight solids - previously posted here. So this month I'm self-medicating again.

From top to bottom, these Moda Bella Solids (I love the hand of this line): (1) Fig Tree Olive, (2) Hay, (3) Paper Bag, (4) Dark Teal, (5) Weathered Teak, (6) Earth, (7) Golden Wheat and (8) Fig Tree Wheat.

They weren't stacked in packing list order, so I'm not sure I matched the colors - except for the olive and teal - to the fabrics correctly. The Weathered Teak especially doesn't live up to its name nor to its online image.

Oh well. Next time: a wider range of colors for easier identification. If there is a next time. I still have hope that Pink Chalk Fabrics will have another monthly solids option.

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