Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Squaring up

Extra fabric hangs around the edges of this improvisational piece from the Lines Curves Shapes and Figure/Ground workshop. It was cropped for my last post, but as you can see here, it really needs squaring up.

I have no tried and true method to square up pieces bigger than my worktable. This one is about 54w x 42h. Here's how I did it this time.

I smoothed it out on the design wall, picked a side to start, then chalked a straight line. Using my biggest square ruler, I rotated around and chalked other sides with the hope that the last side would be at right angles to the first one.

To review I pinned fabric strips along each chalk line. 

I see I could've started with another edge. Okay, once more around.

Comparison of the two photos side by side.

Until I can get to a big table to cut and sandwich it, I securely pinned the strips along the chalk lines.

Next time I'll try squaring it up in Photoshop first. How do you square up?

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