Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Making peace with piecing

Have you ever done something, enjoyed it so little that you do your best to avoid repeating that experience? Here's an old post about an exercise from Nancy Crow's Improvisations, Let's Experiment! workshop two years ago. Can you tell how much fun I had?

If I'd known I'd be working similarly last week, I might not have gone to Indianola for Lines, Curves, Shapes and Figure Ground, Part II.  I stuck it out. Straight lines and edges, fairly simple composition, consistency. Amazingly finished all exercises except one.


I didn't mind the process so much this time. In fact, I see advantages to working this way. The big question: will I voluntarily work this way again?


  1. You did it!!! I really like seeing the progression of the exercises. The color composition is beautiful. It says please quilt me. :) Great job with sticking with it.

  2. These are stunning ! I want to take the class now!

  3. Thanks for sharing the progression. To which advantages are you referring? - b/w to neutral to color or free form cutting? I like the color.

  4. This exercise in the Improv class was the hardest thing we had to do, in my opinion. You have done a great job in developing your black and white value studies into color versions with more layers and depth. Kudos to you for sticking with it and completing so many exercises.
    I think that some of the lessons from Nancy's workshops creep into our new work, perhaps without us totally adopting her processes. I'll be interested to see if some of this depth shows up in your later work.

  5. I admire your persistence and love the pieces you show on your blog. While the color piece is my favorite, the one to the left of it is great too.