Wednesday, March 3, 2010

30-day countdown

The pressure is on. I entered Neutra House in EBHQ's quilt show, Voices in Cloth, happening April 10th and 11th. That means turning in the quilt on April 3. I have 30 days to finish it. Trying to avoid coming down to the very last minute.

This quilt will roughly measure 3'x3'. So it’s not huge - only about 15"x36" bigger than the first. But that extra size has made a difference. More surface to cover. More weight to push around.

To figure out the white quilting lines, I first drew onto tracing paper covering the quilt. I was too close or it was too big. Couldn't see the whole thing.

My art instructors were right: start with a thumbnail sketch. Then not too much time spent if it doesn't work out. I am sketching again with a 4"x4" photo.

My goal for the week: make a satisfactory sketch and sew those white lines. Then facing, sleeve and label left. The end seems so close. Musn't think that. I do tend to procrastinate. Then rush to finish it in time. Uh, uh! Not this time! I want to finish with time to spare.


  1. Elena, one trick I learned for planning quilting lines is to use the transparency material and markers that they use on those big transparency machines (think of your math teacher going step by step on the transparency). You can erase the lines and start over if you don't like it.
    Love the lines and colors in the piece.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Jeanne! Duh! You've gotten this o' noggin working again.
    I tried clear vinyl - like for tablecloths - and a china marker. Not so easy to erase.
    I'll try the overhead transparency marker which erases with a damp cloth. Might be less smelly (& less toxic?) than a fine tip dry eraserboard marker, which might work too.