Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Advantages & disadvantages

On a 3-hour drive and a weekend away, I finished two things. One birdie. He had been sewn and stuffed. All he needed was the opening in his tail sewn up. You can get the Mister Blue Bird pattern here.

One more hand appliquéd leaf. The second of the hand appliquéd leaves started in Gabrielle Swain's workshop. The first shown here a year ago. Seems like ages ago.

Being away from home has its advantages. While my other half helped his father with tree pruning, I went on a rare shopping trip.

Honey Run Quilters in Chico carries Superior Thread's King Tut cotton machine quilting thread. Though I was looking for a heavier thread, I'll give this a go. I also picked up a nifty little purse pattern. This will be a great exercise for mixing prints.

Next: Johnson Shoes for sandals. With extra wide feet and orthotics, I have an unbelievably difficult time finding good fitting shoes. I bought two pairs of sandals with fairly good support, but not usable for orthotics. Shoes are always a compromise.

At least I got some shopping done. But the disadvantage is spending money.

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