Thursday, June 26, 2008

A new leaf

I've hand sewn a leaf together - one three for my very first hand appliqué project started in Gabrielle Swain's workshop. The raw edges and ink marks are because it hasn't been appliquéd to the background fabric yet.

For expediency, I used a photo of an autumn leaf from Sierra magazine to make a pattern. I could have found an actual leaf or with a little research drawn my own leaf pattern – if I were more prepared or together. But I wasn't and I'm not.

The northern red oak grows mainly in the northeastern states and is not common in California. The leaf points and undulating edge make it a great shape. I was determined to finish at least one to test the technique and process even if I never do it again.

Hallelujah! I like hand appliqué. I'm not tied to the sewing machine and can take it just about anywhere without a lot of paraphernalia. It's relaxing repetitive work I can indulge in for a few minutes here and there. A Slow Quilt Movement?

All the recent talk on copyright issues on quiltart instilled a healthy respect for artists' rights. I wrote to the photographer identified in the magazine, Christopher Griffith. His book really captured the glory of autumn leaves. You can view it on his website. I requested permission and offered him credit on the label. Waiting for a reply before proceeding further with this leaf.

And if he does not reply? Or grant permission? I really like this leaf. Am I prepared to start again with another leaf?

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