Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three in eleven

I believe in setting goals. Then I know where I'm going and how far I've come. May is nearly gone and I finished one ufo this month. So for the next 11 months, these are three areas to focus on:

1. UFOs. I have many tops and only two small finished quilts. Goal: make the quilt sandwiches and stitch the quilt lines. One per month may be too ambitious - but many tops are already made and I want to lay down miles of machine quilting lines.

2. Working with prints. I'm fine with solids and textures but not with mixing prints. Though I love prints in others' work, I may be too timid with them in my own work. Goal: just mix it up to increase my comfort level. These will be new projects or further explorations. One already comes to mind. Maybe another three. At least the quilt tops if not the finished quilts.

3. Explorations. In 2008 I must have taken at least as many day-long workshops as there are months. Plus one week with Nancy Crow. Then this year another two weeks with Nancy. Though I am limiting myself, I couldn't resist signing up for a 2-day workshop with Valerie Goodwin in August.

Because I've barely touched upon all that I've learned, my goal: dig out notes and workshop pieces to explore and develop them further. One every other month.

There they are quantified: 12 finished quilts, 4 quilt tops with prints, and 6 explorations and developments from workshops. Could be 22 total, though they're not necessarily separate from one another. Nevertheless, I must get cracking!

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