Friday, March 20, 2009

First day of spring & another beginning

First, Nancy asked for an 8'x8' ribbon quilt top. HUGE. Taller than my studio ceiling. Wider than my design wall. Too big. So I set my sights on a 6'x6'.

I made enough ribbons to cover the 80" width – knowing I'll lose some to seam allowances – so the 72" width was achievable. Tried to include them all but ribbons conflicted. Too many bosses and not enough support staff. See this posting.

Finally, I let go of the 6' width and pared the ribbons down. Keep it simple: just vertical ribbons. See this posting.

But one ribbon nagged. "Un-ribbon me!" Undid it and rearrange them all. Here's how it looked this morning:
I get stuck on an idea and beat it to death even though it does not come together. Much later, I realize my self-imposed idea is just that – self-imposed and not a requirement. That's the way it has been with this ribbon quilt. It's lurching on as one idea gives way to another.

I like the new direction. And I haven't given up on my self-imposed deadline to sew this together to show at the workshop. Only one week left.

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