Friday, March 20, 2009

Cautionary plaid tale

Joann's is conveniently near my office and opened until 9pm. A coupon sale and the selection of woven plaids and stripes were extra enticements. Do you know how difficult it is to find woven plaids and stripes? They're mostly printed. Purist that I am - gimme a real plaid! A nice dark plaid.

But look what happened to my fabrics after they were laundered.

The plaid transferred color to the green. Arrgggh! After washing, drying and ironing, it still bled. I tested the plaid using Paula Burch's method.
But no time to fix this with more washing or Retayne. This baby is not going to Ohio. Neither is the green fabric. It will be salvaged for surface design.

I picked up another plaid by Dan River at Beverly's Fabrics. This is a long time well known national manufacturer - unlike the one at Joann's - but cost twice as much. It's worth it because it passed Paula Burch's test. I checked it before I launder. This time.

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