Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lost in transition

Done my good deed for SAQA. I finished this mini quilt (thank you, Colleen and Sandy for feedback), completed the participation form and mailed it off with days to spare. It was to be part of the Spotlight Auction at Fiberlandia, the conference in Portland, OR.

Was to be. 

Lost somewhere between the post office here and Seguin, TX or New Braunfels, TX. Probably in Texas (the recipient moved). Three were lost. I hope they have many more for the auction.

This doesn't stop me from going to the conference! See you there?

Update: The other two showed up in time to make it to the conference, but not mine. It showed up at the original address the Monday following the Perhaps it was having such a good time going first class,  it wanted to spend an extra month with the post office!

SAQA sent it back to me, nicely matted. Unless it finds another happy home, I'll resubmit it to next year's conference.

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