Friday, February 14, 2014

Pause after battle

taming the bedquilt
Quilting this monster bedquilt was like doing battle: fierce fighting in the middle and a few skirmishes elsewhere.

I'd walking-footed along both sides of major seams and fmq'd in the ditch within each nine-patch triangular block. As Cindy Needham says, stitch E-S-S (every stinking seam).
laid out on my bed for inspection
I've learned . . .
  • the open toe walking foot lets me see enough for straighter and truer stitches;
  • using the fmq foot is like driving a sports car instead of a moving van; and
  • when restarting, take a stitch in place and relax the finger hold so that the first stitch is not tugged awry. 
wool batting puffs up each triangle
Quilting is on pause as I contemplate motifs: may leave the printed triangles as is, and add feathers and swirls in the larger solid areas. 


  1. The comment in your last bullet point is similar to the "needle up" concept that I use and teach. Get everything smoothed and stabilized, then "needle up" to relax the thread and avoid the jerk of the thread and fabric when you resume stitching.

    1. Ah! I forget and have to re-learn. Doing the two steps back dance.