Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bella vistas: Trieste

Trieste from the waterfront

First stop in Italy was Trieste. Situated right on the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by hills, it's darn gorgeous! And not jammed with tourists either.
pastry shop's front door
I sniffed out our first breakfast right down the street from our B&B: yummy flaky croissant marmalade (apricot jam filling for you non-Italians) with great cup of cappuccino. Learned later they have the best pastries in town. With that ringing endorsement, we opted not to watch our diet while in Italy and indulged there every morning. 
filled brioches
Trieste was part of the Austrian empire for many many years. That influence shows in its stately architecture 

and its pastries. Being home to Illy coffee (the founder invented the first espresso machine), a great cup of coffee is easy to find. Pastries and coffee - a great combo!
artistic protest at Piazza Unita d'Italia
An outdoor cafe (under the awning on the far left of the above photo) at the Piazza is a great place for afternoon coffee, tea or drinks while people watching.
the Grand Canal of Trieste 
A great start to an Italian holiday!

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  1. Beautiful! It looks like you had good weather, too.