Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bed quilt & studio progress

With the sewing machine downstairs in the old studio and the quilt on the design wall upstairs in the new studio, so I carefully stacked sets of triangles to re-lay on the old design wall in preparation for piecing.
little hexagons ready for piecing
What an ordeal experience getting points to meet! After much trial and error, they occasionally matched pretty darn perfectly enough.
center point of hexagon - front
Even the back side looked pretty darn good.
center point of hexagon - back
Then I added a triangle to three sides of each hexagon to form bigger triangles. And repeated the cycle to form seven big hexagons.
big hexagons ready for piecing
Trudging up and down the stairs between the old and new studios pushed me to make more progress on the move. When help was available, I moved out the bed and moved in a worktable. Except I can't get a straight shot of the whole design wall now.

Instead of more pieced triangles, I intend to fill in the negative space with solids. Here's the initial trial with two solids filling in the center:
higher contrast center
After getting two more colors, I auditioned placements:
lighter valued, lower contrast center

medium valued center
less saturated center
more saturated center
This will become one giant hexagon. Hmm, which one? What I do know: I'm relocating the sewing machine for this next round of piecing.


  1. This feels like a science experiment manipulating all the variables! Can't wait to see the results of your final decision.

    1. Yes, old habits die hard. In my former life I couldn't leave any stone unturned.