Friday, June 15, 2012

Under construction

Neighbors on one side told me they were remodeling their bathroom. The project has expanded to the kitchen, the roof and the exterior. One day recently contractors were jack-hammering out their front steps - solid concrete - while neighbors on the other side are cutting stone for their patio. Construction in stereo.

I'm in a remodeling mode too. In the garden I've moved three existing plants, put new ones in the ground, regraded the soil along the new-ish fence, and dug up five gallons worth of calla lilies rhizomes. I put the container of roots at the curb with a sign to take them. They were gone in flash.

In the house, I've taken a major step toward the new studio:
new studio storage ready to load up
It only took a month to assemble due to multiple breaks and waits for more hardware, tools and muscle power. In another two or three months I might even be working in this new studio.

Meanwhile, in the current studio-cave, a quilt top undergoes remedial reconstruction:
squared for re-assembly
I'd tried to make this into a quilt sandwich twice. First the batting bearded like crazy. The second time I noticed one side was significantly shorter than the other. Why didn't I see this the first time?! It bugged me that no amount of tugging would square it up. Un-sandwiching began an odyssey of identifying and fixing the unsquareness. Turns out each of the three larger areas down the center needed trimming.

This was my very first improvisationally composed quilt top. I must've thought ruler cut pieces would sew up square. Goes to show I've learned a few things since.

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  1. You have really embraced your time- great space and can hardly wait to see it filled with your supplies.

    I have more than a few "oldies" I need to tend to and figure out what went wrong!