Monday, June 6, 2011

An other pace

Recently I returned to the Crow Barn for a workshop.  In contrast to Nancy Crow's intensive pace, this was a relaxing week with Dorothy Caldwell.

We made marks – Human Marks – batiked, burned, discharged, drawn, pierced, printed, smoked, stamped and stitched.

I didn't get as far as making books from these marked pages, but here's my little handbound sample book.
Contemplative approaches. Meditative processes. Gestural marks. A wonderful change of pace.

I allowed myself the luxury of commuting alone. Not even the radio for company.


  1. Beautiful -and you seemed to be so enjoying this, too. Absolutely lovely.

  2. Everything you showed us looks yummy!!! I love your little book.
    Dorothy was here a few years ago and I could not take her class because I was doing something else... I hope to have the chance of taking her class some time.