Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seven year old mantra

I recently unearthed something from August 2003. Something personal. I am sharing it with you.

An Artist's Affirmations, a poem & prayer

I will listen to my creative voice, act on my creative energy, nurture my artist.
I will let my creativity flourish.
I have not always
But I always will.

I will let my creativity lead me to forgiveness, to truth, to love,
To fulfilling my dreams and yearnings.
I have not always
But I always will.

I am strong enough, passionate enough, confident enough,
To step forward and step out.
I am learning how
So I will always be.

I am willing to take steps of passion, make a commitment
To create my own footprints.
I am willing now and
I will always be.

I will move toward my destiny one step at a time.
I am making progress now.
I am finding the way
I am compelled to go.

With my talents I will build a rich rewarding life.
I am creative. I am an artist.
I have always been.
I will always be.

I wrote the above to counterbalance the many issues and doubts that surfaced while working through Julia Cameron's An Artist's Way. The mantra still holds true today.

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