Friday, January 21, 2011

Early howling

Thursday morning howling wind and rustling trees woke me up very early. In a few hours before heading off to work, I managed to
·    put away the remains of the twisted log cabin block (how do you handle all those bits & pieces - or do you?),
·    pin baste the twisted log cabin block, and
·    remove another project that wasn't going anywhere - bagged – or ziplocked, Colleen's great term).

It's a tough quest to keep my main work area fairly neat -  to get things off the worktable and to keep them off.  Always remainders and reminders left.

A workshop top on the design wall awaits pin basting. Out of the picture there's still a other stuff to sort through from my latest cleanup and reorganization binge. But maybe, just maybe, having work-able space I will be sane, focused and creative.

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