Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A candid look

Who works here? It's terrible, isn't it?!

That's a view of my work table. Just push things aside and I'd have a teeny tiny working space. Or pile the stuff elsewhere and I'd have more room. I'm sure you're much much neater.

Yes, the studio has been screaming for an overhaul. It has reached a tipping point 'cuz I can't find things.

So no more! By the new year I will have it cleaned up and re-organized. So I can get back to quilting again.

And start a mess anew.


  1. The way I look at it is that it's creative chaos right up until the point when you have no room to work at all. Then, it's just a mess. And it takes so much longer to clean up than to mess up--at least in my experience. I keep getting distracted with things I find as I clean and organize.

  2. Yes, Betsy, cleanup takes so long. Especially since I re-arrange & re-organize along the way. The unearthed ufos are particularly distracting. So many are still worth finishing!