Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Restructuring report

All right! All right! For friends chomping at the bit, here's my lowdown on the second workshop week at the Crow Timber Barn – Strip Piecing & Restructuring with Nancy Crow. I'll report about the first week in True Colors with Carol Soderlund later.

It was great having familiar faces there, including three from my guild - EBHQ - as well as meeting new ones. Everyone was focused and produced terrific pieces. I can't show you their work but here are mine.

Out of many many strip-pieced fabrics, we produced three compositions. What? You only see two?

I am not showing you my third and final composition. It was a disaster. I was constipated - not bodily, but creatively. And Nancy absolutely agreed. I don't know what happen or why. Let's just say my approach did not produce the desired results. I will begin that final one anew.

I am very pleased with the first two compositions. And miracles do happen - I finished them on time! They came together easily. Even Nancy was surprised! She revealed that my so very s-l-o-w deliberation in the very first workshop - Best of Strip Piecing 1 & 2 -gave her fits! Ooh! Sorry about that Nancy! That was only two years ago, yet seems ages.

Despite the labor intensiveness of strip piecing, I like this way of working. But there's no way I could do a quilt top a
week like Nancy's recommends. Maybe one each month. Or so (yes, I'm hedging).

Addendum: see Robert Genn's, The Painter's Keyspost about choking. Did he read my mind? To prevent creative constipation, I will sing as I work. You may suffer a little dissonance, but better that than a visual cacophony.


  1. Your pieces from this class are great! In the first piece, I love the vibration between the colors in the upper left corner, and how it contrasts with the grey coolness on the right. And the second one has an architectural feel, like looking up into the second floor of an open atrium. Love what you've done here.
    -Connie in AL

  2. Thank you, Connie! The second piece is small and maybe that's why I was free-er with it.

  3. Awww...two weeks there is not really fair.I am jealous. So happy you are enjoying your time there again. Nice work. It is frustrating to get stuck there-but you walk away with so much you can process later. Enjoy what you have learned!

  4. Today is 12/16 and this is just a reminder that your next blog post might be way overdue! :-)

  5. You're absolutely right! Thanks for the reminder, Anonymous.